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Andria is a mythological place in Italo Caprino's literary work 'Invisible Cities'. A place where the city and the sky above it always are in a special mutual balance. Where they exist together in a perpetual, constant and forever changing harmony. Where there is consistency between the city and the sky, as between the present and eternity.

Similarly, the band Andria is an attempt to reconcile the present and eternity with a long-term sound and a musical message that reaches far beyond the present, while preserving a deep respect of the moment of creation.
The band consists of Jacob L Jensen, Peter Nielsen and Jesper Vestergaard. It was formed in the fall of 2015 in a desire to sharpen and refine an expression that has been many years along the way. The three members have previously played together since the late nineties in different constellations. Under the names Sanduleak and RESET, they have performed live at various venues and festivals in Denmark. Among other places, Ideal Bar in VEGA, the Opera at Christiania and at festivals Suset Festival and Burning Mön.

In 2017 the band released the debut EP 'Andria EP' through published records. Currently the band is working on studio recordings of new tracks that have been tested live through the past year. The plan is to release the new tracks as an EP in the late spring of 2018.
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Press Mentions

June 15, 2018
‘Earthgazing’ entered the New Nordic Electronic playlists.

June 2, 2018
‘Earthgazing’ entered Apple Music’s Best of the Week list in Denmark.

May 28, 2018
‘Eartgazing’ was recommended by DR’s Karrierekanonen acompanied by the words: “Is it a Gameboy game, is it Air in a 90's indie bubble? We don't know, but it's good!"  

Apr. 3, 2018
‘Glowing’ was recommended by DR’s Karrierekanonen, calling it  “A space odyssey with a beat seducing your feet”. 

Sep. 2 2016:
‘Nothing’ gets recommended by DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation)